It's MegAnn here, and this is my blog. I will share about my family life, love life, and just my everyday life. I am a very outgoing, and friendly girl that enjoys trying new things. I enjoy to travel and cooking.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Just a paper

            So with my schooling I had to write a couple papers, This is my favorite one that I wrote. 
The house that built me.

There are some memories that will never leave you.  I have some that when I recall them, I can remember the smells, sounds, and even the way it felt at that moment in my life.  Then there are some that I don’t remember the details of what happened, just that I had a good time with my family or friends.  There are some memories like playing in my doll buggy, Christmas morning, or many memories of just random fun things that have happened in my life.  There is one memory that still brings tears to my eyes, that I will never forget the way I felt or forget the little details of this experience.

As I saw the look on my moms face, I knew something was behind me.  I tried to stand up but I couldn't.  My legs were stuck in the doll stroller that I had climbed into.  I was scared, and nervous that whatever was behind me was going to eat me.  So, I tried to run into the arms of my mommy.  I would try to stand and run as much as my legs would let me.  I got into my moms arms.  I felt safe, secure and not scared anymore.  As soon I would calm down, I sat back down in the buggy and my mom would push me down the hall fast as I would laughed and giggled.  Then the look she would give me, made me scared again.  We would play this game over and over again.
Christmas morning is a fun and exciting time for any child.  We would wake up and my brother and I would run into my parents room and wait till our parents would go into the living room and record what Santa had bought us.  Then we would all go into the living room and open our stockings and show what we got. Then one of us would play Santa.  Instead of having names on the gifts, mom would put a code on the packages and then we had to figure out the code so that we could get our presents.
Sitting around the kitchen table with friends, talking about everything and anything that we needed to talk about.  Having an almond fight with my best friend, watching my brother and his best friend laying down the wood flooring in our kitchen.  Pulling into the drive way and running straight to the bathroom.  Learning to cook.  Laying in front of the fireplace trying to get warm.  Family Scripture study and prayers before school in the mornings.  Looking in my parent’s room and seeing them saying their daily prayers.  Home was the only place I wanted to be when I was depressed or crying my eyes out over break ups.

These are just memories that I have of the house that built me.  May 9th, 2014,  I got the phone call that changed my life.  I was sleeping at a friends house and we had just laid down to go to bed.  I looked at my phone to see what time it was. I had a missed call from my mom.  I had talked to her earlier and she said that she was going to bed about 3 hours earlier.  So my mind started racing.  Is my brother ok, my grandparents, or even my dad?  Some one must have passed away. I was so scared of who in my life was gone.  I called her back and she then broke the news to me that my childhood home, the house that built me, the place I felt the safest was on fire.  The house wasn't going to make it.  I was in shock.  I couldn't believe that the place that was heaven on earth to me was gone.  She told me that Brett, a family friend was alive and fine.  She then had to go because someone was calling her from the neighborhood.  I called a friend that lived down the street and he was there in my driveway watching it.  He was crying as the roof fell in a little more.  The fire trucks were trying to put it out.  There were people gathered around watching my home go up with the flames.  I begged him to FaceTime me so I could watch as well.  He stood his ground and said no and for me try to get some sleep.  I couldn't sleep at a time like that!  I couldn't just sit there at my friends house and do nothing.  I needed to go home.  I tried to call other friends to come get me.  I would have driven myself to watch this but I couldn't because my car had just died the weekend before.  That night was a sleepless night.  The following week, I went up to my home.  As I drove down the hill to the house, I was getting emotional.  What was it going to look like, what did I need to expect?  As we pulled into the drive the tears started to fall.  My home, it was damaged, the place that I had gone to so many times when I was damaged was hurting now.  What do I do?  Where would I call home?  Walking into the house seeing the ceiling on the carpet, seeing the windows busted out, and then seeing where the big black hole in the wall, where I use to lay on the floor, in front of the fireplace and get warm, where I would feel safe and loved.  There was a hole, not just in the wall, but now in my heart.  A week after it happened, we had the opportunity to clean the house out.  We got rid of things, then got to go through boxes I forgot that I had, and saved things that meant so much to me.  Things that part of my childhood.  A clock that chime’s every hour, a cabinet in my mom's bathroom that held her makeup, and things.  I have the flag that was hanging from my house, everyday and even while the house was burning.  It flew in the wind.  This is one memory that changed my life.  Not all the memories from this home are good, but they have helped me form who I am today.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Go Broncos!

What can I say? I love spending time with my brother and watching the BRONCOS PLAY!

This is going to be my year!

I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for. Nurse Tina made the office up and pretty for my big day! 
My parents sent me chocolate covered strawberries.
 My Dear friend Caitlin's class got me a card and pretty flowers and a card. The card was pink because "Princess always get Pink Glitter"
Sister Schoof took me to get a mani/pedi. 
I love this color!

Went and got a massage, and I felt amazing! 

And then off to dinner with friends! Where I got a new man in my life lol (I was given a Kristoff Barbie)

We went to Texas Road House and we just had so much fun!

 Cathy took me to get my flourless cake of yumminess. 

Friday I went out with my church friends and I had so much fun!!!

Saturday I went out to eat with Matt and Eliska and they got me a really great gift that I am so excited to learn how to use it!

I have the best life and am so spoiled!!!! This is the year of me!

White Christmas!

 So before I took off to Utah for Christmas, I took over Matt and Eliska's Christmas gifts from me and my parents. So I had to get a picture of them with their new puppy. 
I not a dog person at all, BUT Dusty is pretty dang cute!

So Monday I drove up and it seemed to take forever! I had to drive in the snow the last 100 miles or so. Scary? Just a little. 

Tuesday Daddy and I went to the pen store to get some stuff to make some pens and stuff. We went shopping and went to the new Provo City temple. 
Such a beautiful temple and I love this place.

Mom and I made some really good Chex Pinwheel 
Chocolate, Carmel, sea salt, Chex, Marsh mellow's, Yumminess.

Then Dad and I went out in the garage and started working on the pens that we made. 
We have to drill the wood or plastic and put the metal piece in the middle. 
You cant forget about our trip in the snow to the movies! We went to see The Good Dinosaur!

Wednesday was the best day! 
The parents and I rode the train up to SLC.

We went to the Church History Museum. 
It was really cool to be able to see history about this beautiful gospel 

We then did something that we always have wanted to do. We ate at the Garden.

We got to watch the lights of temple square come on. 
It was so BREATH TAKING!!!!
Such a great experience that I got to share with my parents!

I love that my parents are my best friends!

Thursday Daddy and I finished out pens!

Mom and I made yummy's! Cookies and Chocolate balls! 

Friday was Christmas! It was a great day!
When we woke up we read a couple of books about the real meaning of Christmas! 
It was great!
Then daddy and I went out and shoveled the walk way and the driveway. 
Santa gave me a coloring book. I love coloring!
Mom got a coloring book as well so we spent time together coloring! 
Monday night we watched the last little bit of the Broncos game as a family. That was fun! Mom isnt a fan of football, but I am getting into it!
Tuesday we took stuff back to the store, and went shopping and a movie!
Then that evening my parents and I went out to dinner for my birthday. 
We went to my favorite place to eat in Utah! WINGERS!

So grateful to be with my parents. I love them and they are my best friends!