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Sunday, January 17, 2016

White Christmas!

 So before I took off to Utah for Christmas, I took over Matt and Eliska's Christmas gifts from me and my parents. So I had to get a picture of them with their new puppy. 
I not a dog person at all, BUT Dusty is pretty dang cute!

So Monday I drove up and it seemed to take forever! I had to drive in the snow the last 100 miles or so. Scary? Just a little. 

Tuesday Daddy and I went to the pen store to get some stuff to make some pens and stuff. We went shopping and went to the new Provo City temple. 
Such a beautiful temple and I love this place.

Mom and I made some really good Chex Pinwheel 
Chocolate, Carmel, sea salt, Chex, Marsh mellow's, Yumminess.

Then Dad and I went out in the garage and started working on the pens that we made. 
We have to drill the wood or plastic and put the metal piece in the middle. 
You cant forget about our trip in the snow to the movies! We went to see The Good Dinosaur!

Wednesday was the best day! 
The parents and I rode the train up to SLC.

We went to the Church History Museum. 
It was really cool to be able to see history about this beautiful gospel 

We then did something that we always have wanted to do. We ate at the Garden.

We got to watch the lights of temple square come on. 
It was so BREATH TAKING!!!!
Such a great experience that I got to share with my parents!

I love that my parents are my best friends!

Thursday Daddy and I finished out pens!

Mom and I made yummy's! Cookies and Chocolate balls! 

Friday was Christmas! It was a great day!
When we woke up we read a couple of books about the real meaning of Christmas! 
It was great!
Then daddy and I went out and shoveled the walk way and the driveway. 
Santa gave me a coloring book. I love coloring!
Mom got a coloring book as well so we spent time together coloring! 
Monday night we watched the last little bit of the Broncos game as a family. That was fun! Mom isnt a fan of football, but I am getting into it!
Tuesday we took stuff back to the store, and went shopping and a movie!
Then that evening my parents and I went out to dinner for my birthday. 
We went to my favorite place to eat in Utah! WINGERS!

So grateful to be with my parents. I love them and they are my best friends!

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