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Sunday, January 17, 2016

This is going to be my year!

I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for. Nurse Tina made the office up and pretty for my big day! 
My parents sent me chocolate covered strawberries.
 My Dear friend Caitlin's class got me a card and pretty flowers and a card. The card was pink because "Princess always get Pink Glitter"
Sister Schoof took me to get a mani/pedi. 
I love this color!

Went and got a massage, and I felt amazing! 

And then off to dinner with friends! Where I got a new man in my life lol (I was given a Kristoff Barbie)

We went to Texas Road House and we just had so much fun!

 Cathy took me to get my flourless cake of yumminess. 

Friday I went out with my church friends and I had so much fun!!!

Saturday I went out to eat with Matt and Eliska and they got me a really great gift that I am so excited to learn how to use it!

I have the best life and am so spoiled!!!! This is the year of me!

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  1. This is the year of you! You are becoming the girl of your dreams!